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Trolling Sinkers
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Trolling Sinkers
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Get better control of the depths, keep your lures free from debris, walks on two legs, won't spin, tangle free, less knots, easy to use & store. Clip-on sinkers and bottom bouncing slip sinkers, the best trolling sinkers around and the price is hard to beat. I caught 3 Walleye over 11 pounds using these Clip-on Sinkers at Lake Erie! They work on the mississippi River too! The slip sinkers are a must have for rivers and lakes. No more tieing knots all day with a 3-way rig, just run line through the sinker and tie to leader, just one knot!
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Lake Erie Walleye DVD

New 2009 Fishing DVD! Three Walleye over 10#! Advanced trolling techniques. I made a trip just to get footage to show how to catch big Walleye using my clip-on trolling sikers and planer boards.

fillet dvd
How to Fillet Fish DVD
Fillet fish fast with electric knife. Panfish, Bass, Walleye and Catfish

jigs dvd
How to Tie Jigs Fishing DVD
New edition is now 100 minutes long. Learn to tie acrylic hair, bucktail, rubber shirt jigs; pour sinkers and jigs; sinker rigs, floater rigs, slip-sinker rigs, crawler harness spinner rigs and more.

10 Tube Worms for Cheese Bait

Two sizes available,
5/16" and 7/16"

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Picture of the week

2016 Photos

Smokey Mountain National Park Clingmans dome
July 2016 Birds eagles, eagle chicks, mississippi river, rock river, egret, heron, kingfisher, cedar waxwing, warbler, hummingbird, mississippi river, sandhill cranes
Flowers July 2016 Flowers, butterflies, swallowtail, sterling IL
Scenery July 2016 mississippi river, rock river, nature photos
July Skies 2016 mississippi river sunrises, storm photos
All Photos June 2016 eagles, eagles nest, eagle chicks, mississippi river, rock river, wildlife, nature photos
River bird Photos June 2016 eagles, eagles nest, eagle chicks, mississippi river birds, rock river birds, heron, egret, waterfowl, sandhill cranes
Songbird Photos June 2016 song bird photos, boston oriole, orchard oriole, kingfisher, hummingbird, warblers, american redstart, cuckoo birds, woodpeckers, and many more
Scenic Photos June 2016 Scenic mississippi river photos, rock river photos, eagle point park lodge, storms, sunrises
Wildlife Photos June 2016 wildlife photos, whitetailed deer, wild turkeys, ground hog
Rock River May 2016 eagles, eagles nest, eagle chicks, park, egrets, green heron, song birds, beaver, oppold marina
Mississippi River May 2016 eagles, eagles nest, eagle chicks, eagle point park, egrets, heron, kingfisher, hawk, walleye, catfish, kildeer, sandhill cranes, storms, sunrise. (500 px)
May 2016 - Mississippi & Rock River eagles, eagles nest, eagle chicks, eagle point park, woodies, egrets, heropn, green heron, kingfisher, hawk, rock river, mississippi river, walleye. (Adobe LR Gallery)
April 2016 eagles, eagles nest, eagle chicks, eagle point park, woodies, egrets, heropn, green heron, kingfisher, hawk, rock river, mississippi river, walleye, bass (Adobe LR Gallery)
March 2016 - Mississippi River and rock river photos. New Adobe Lightroom gallery. I am now using adone creative cloud that comes with lightroom and PS, so there should be an improvement in my photo editing. Photos taken with 2 canon 7d cameras, one with a canon 100-400L and the other camera armed with a 17-55mm canon lens. Photos always taken in manual modes, RAW format
February 2016 Walleye, cardinals, eagles, house finch, red bellied woodpecker, muskrat, rock river, song sparrow, redtailed hawk, beaver
Jan 2016 - song birds, night sky, Mississippi River, Eagles, rock river, belview

2015 Photos

Dec 2015 - song birds, night sky, Mississippi River, Eagles
Nov 2015 - song birds, night sky
Nov 2015 - Rock River photos eagles, hawks, birds, boats, ducks, walleye, deer
Nov 2015 - Mississippi River Mississippi River photos, eagles, boats. heron, ducks, walleye
Sept 2015 - Mississippi & Rock River Mississippi River photos, rock river photos, egret, moon, heron, mississippi river
August Mississippi River Mississippi River photos, eagles, egret, windmill, heron, goldfinch, woodpeckers, song birds, walleye, river boat
August Mississippi River Mississippi River photos, eagles, egret, windmill, heron, goldfinch, woodpeckers, song birds, walleye, river boat
My yard Songbirds, flowers
Vacation /2015 Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, Clingman's dome in Smokey mountain natinal park Tennesse North Carolina border, Rarity mountain in Tennesse, Kentucky River and Rock Castle River in Kentucky
Mississippi River 7/14/2015 egret, killdeer, sandhill cranes, kingbird flycatcher, sparrow, butterfly photos Mississippi River 7/15/2015 mississippi river photos, sunrise, river boat, paddle boats, walleye, pelican, river bird photos
Mississippi River 7/22/2015 mississippi river photos, sunrise, eagle point park, pelican, river bird photos
Mississippi River 7/23/2015 mississippi river photos, sunrise, barge, egret eating bass,, pelican, river bird photos
Mississippi River 7/27/2015 mississippi river photos, sunrise,egret eating bass, pelican, river bird photos, house wren
Mississippi River 7/10/2015 egret, pelican, eagles, kildeer, bass boat, sunrise
Mississippi River 7/5/2015 grand kids fishing
Mississippi River 7/3/2015 sunrise, cormoprant, pelican, goldfinch
Mississippi River 7/2/2015 bass boats, turkey chicks, turkeys, carnes, song birds
Rock river 6/27/2015 house sprrow, oriole, flicker, beaver, wood ducks, waxwings, hummingbird, pelican
Mississippi River 6/25/2015 Turkey, Oriole, vulture eating walleye, cormorant eating catfish, pool 14, Albany IL
June 23, 2015 - Mississippi river eagle, geese, thrashers, lark sparrow, goldfinch, oriole, egret eating bass photo
June 22, 2015 - Tornado weather for Sterling IL thunderstorms and tornado weather in sterling IL, super cell photos
June 20 &21, 2015 - Mississippi river green heron, sparrow, crane, bass boats, white tailed deer, tom turkey, lark sparrow, sandhill crane chicks, goose chicks, butterfly on thistle photos
June 16, 2015 - Mississippi river sandhill cranes, sandhill crane chicks, river barge, goldfinch, wildflower, cactus, killdeer, eagle point park, eagle, barge locking through sideways photos
June 11, 2015 - Mississippi river stormy skies mississippi river, storm, tom turkey, goldfinch, river boat, wild flowers, sandhill crane, brown thrashe, photos
June 10, 2015 - Rock river deer, racoon cubs, egle chicks, ground hog, hummingbird spider webs, softshell turtle, wood duck, photos
June 9, 2015 - Rock river Baltimore oriole chicks, oriole nest, eagle photos, softshelled turtle, ground hog, bluebird, heron, carp, wood duck chicks, whitetailed deer fawn, ave G bridge, lower dam, sunrise
June 8, 2015 - Rock river photos Baltimore oriole, oriole nest, eagle photos, softshelled turtle, ground hog, bluebird, heron, flycatcher
June 6, 2015 - Rockfor air show photos F22 raptor photos, herier photos, rock river route 2, castle rock park; (my grand daughter took some of the photos)
June 3, 2015 - Mississippi river photos Bass, walleye, dike by eagle point park, dam 13, pool 13, pool 14, tree swallows, meadow lark
June 2, 2015 - Kingfisher, Eagle Photos Anoter good shot of Kingfisher, Eagle and Oriole photos. Also RH Woodpecker, cormorant and flycatcher in flight, softshelled turtle, found an Oriole nest, more photos of that coming
2015 - Kingfisher Photos I've been trying for years to get a decent Kingfisher photo and finally I have done it. This is a growing collection, so I will be relisting it when I add more.
More Photos

T-shirt printing available. I do heat transfer onto white shirts. Colored shirts are possible but the prints have a plastic feel to them. Reasonable prices with fast turnaround. Contact

Dave Tackett from Sterling Illinois has been making Fishing Cartoons since 2002. These cartoons are made by a fisherman for fisherman. The subjects include Bass cartoons, Walleye cartoons, Catfish cartoons, Panfish cartoons, ice fishing cartoons, Carp cartoons, kids fishing, woman fishing, and moron fishing. Fisheadtackle is the original website that makes fishead cartoons. If you use a cartoon on your website, please have a working link to http://www.fisheadtackle.com
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Dave Tackett Photography

Outdoor Photography Sterling Rockfalls IL - Freelance Photographer - I can take photos or video from a boat on the Rock and Mississippi rivers

Family and senior shoots available. Any outdoor photograghy available in Sterling Rock falls area, (within 100 miles). Reasonable rates! You get full rights to use the photos as you wish with no logo marks across images for web use. Call 815-six two five-3473 or email me

Walleye on the Mississippi River Pools 13 & 14. Now offering scouting service instead of guiding. Take your boat.

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